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The articles in our Knowledge Base represent practical solutions based on real-world experience for approaching problems and opportunities in General Business, Marketing, Sales, Small Business and the Internet. They are provided as a resource for seasoned and new practitioners as well as students of those disciplines who need usable information as background information or directional approaches to issues and opportunities in promotional marketing and general business.



General Business

How to Create a 2 to 5 Year Business Plan How to Train for Succession
Business Planning Presentation Execute a Successful Business Plan & Mission Statement
Tactical Planning in Business Integrated HR & Business Planning
Barriers to Effective Teamwork How to Write a Policy Cover Letter
Liquor Product Business Plan Frozen Food Business Plan
How to Write a Meeting Contact Report Healthcare Marketing Strategies


Integrated Marketing Communication Tools Defining Marketing for the 21st Century
Promotional Campaign Aims & Objectives The Role of Media in Shaping Consumer Behavior
What Are Non-Quantifiable Tools in Marketing? Marketing & Demonstration Jobs
Theories on the Promotional Mix The Disadvantages of Mixed Markets
How to Rebrand After a Merger What Are Assembly Facilities in Marketing?
Definition of Consumer Groups Negative Characteristics of Marketing
Issues in Marketing Communications Methods of Marketing Communication
Tools for a Marketing Campaign Five Factors Affecting Attention in Marketing Communication
The Definition of Product Strategy Moderator Checklist for Focus Groups
Analysis of a Company Marketing Plan Difference Between Web Advertising & Media Advertising
Examples of Informative Advertising Senior Marketing Ideas
Definition of Consumer Attitude Target Market Segment Strategy
What Is Target Market? Healthcare Marketing Tools
Definition of a Consumer Challenge How to Explain Consumer Markets With Examples
How to Prepare a Marketing Presentation The Purpose of Marketing Food Products
Consumer Focused Research Methods How to Name a Business Unit
How to Create Brand Business Names Strategies Used by Companies in the Service Sector
How to Create Promotional Materials Types of Pricing Strategies in Marketing
The Impact of Competition on Pricing Strategy Consumer Market Growth
Role of SEM in Multicultural Marketing How Does Marketing Fit Into a Company's Strategy?
Example of Target Market Analysis Definition of Pricing Strategy
Strategic Development Marketing Plan and Strategic Marketing Plan Fit
Strategic Marketing Planning Costs Importance of TV in Advertising
What is Marketing Strategy Development? What is the Difference Between Advertising & Promotion
Definition of a Marketing Agreement How to Make a Strategy Development Plan
Client Marketing Ideas In-Store Marketing Ideas
Street Marketing Ideas Target Marketing Ideas
Halloween Marketing Ideas February Marketing Ideas for Apartments
Brand Building in Ethnic Communities Statue of Liberty Promotional Activities


The Definition of Sales Promotions Barriers to Effective Teamwork
How to Develop a Sales Chart How to Service a Client Base
What Are CPG Clients? Definition of a Final Consumer
Sales & Marketing Training Sales Training for Non-Sales Staff
Consumer Sales Growth & Market Research How to Write a Weekly Sales Report
How to Write a Sales Report How to Structure a National Accounts Sales Team
How to Develop a Plan for Internal Sales Good Business Selling Ideas
How to Create a 90 Day Sales Plan of Action  


Complaints Against Home Internet Businesses What Is the Marketing Purpose of a Website?
HTML Email Guidelines How to Create a Free Virtual Office
How to Run a Website Business How to Start an Online Diaper Business
How to Become an Internet Provider How to Start an Online Delivery Business for Pies
Technology's Impact on Businesses Effective Advertising on the Web
How to Start a Modeling Website


Small Business

Low Cost Advertising Ideas Components of Strategic Planning for a Small Business
Questions to Ask When Starting a Business The Best Small Business Plan Ideas
Why Are Logos Needed? Reasons for Business Letters
Sales Promotion Techniques for a Restaurant How to Make a Retail Catalog
Graduation Advertising Ideas What Staffing Is Needed to Start a Business?
How to Form a Business Association Start an A La Carte Food Business
How to Create an Invoice for Daycare Make a Catalog for Your Store
How to Advertise Basement Finishing Advertise a Wheelchair Van
What Is the Function of a Business Card? Business Card Basics
Improve a Hardware Store's Sales Sell Office Furniture to New Clients
Start an Honor Snack Business Establish a Key Cutting Business
Ideas for Mattress Advertising Good Cover Letter for a Vending Machine Operative
How to Start a Special-Needs Adult Day Care Day Care Center Ideas
Starting a Home Health Business How to Open an Existing Nightclub
How to Use Notepad to Make an Invoice How to Start My Own Dress Hat Business
How to Open a Plus-Size Boutique Types of Small Businesses to Start
Small Business Budget Planning Easy-to-Start Small Businesses
Tips on Starting a Handyman Business What Are Some Profitable Businesses You Can Start?
Product Invention Ideas Get Started With a New Product Idea
How to Find Potential Customers How to Write a Letter to Add a Contact Person
Questions for an Internal Customer Survey How to Create an Oral Health Flyer
How to Make a Handyman Flyer Tagline Ideas
Promotional Ideas for a Foundation How to Write a Press Release on a Dealer Donation
How to Advertise on Magnets Media Industry Careers
How to Make a Bifold Brochure Product Ideas for a Marketing Class
Becoming a Pharmaceutical Representative Proper Etiquette for Writing a Business Meeting Sign
How to Create a Unique Display Board How to Write a Letter Report
How to Make a Promotional Tri-Fold Brochure How to Write a Consultancy Report
How to Write a Report for a Questionnaire How to Make a Report Cover Letter
Tips on Sales Resumes How to Create a Business Fax Form
How to Address a Group of People in a Letter How to Stop Doing Business With a Customer
Business Plan for a Fashion Designer How to Make Your Own Western-Looking Sign
Power Point Presentation Techniques How to Work for Food Companies
Statue of Liberty Promotional Activities February Marketing Ideas for Apartments