ADA Compliance Now – 5 Good Reasons

ADA Compliance Now – 5 Good Reasons

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 specifies a set of structural guidelines for websites to include in order to be accessible to all. Still, very few websites implement these guidelines. Here are five reasons why ADA compliance should be adopted across the web:

The internet has the power to connect everyone in the world, so why don’t we enable it to do  just that? The first step is making sure all our fellow Americans have equal access to the
services of the internet regardless of their physical state.

The ADA presents a detailed list of specific functionalities that are required for a website to meet ADA compliance standards, and they can all be found on No extra
planning or thought is required by the website! It’ as simple as going down a list and checking off items as you go.

ADA compliance functionality integrates perfectly into any website and is completely invisible: the average user would never know the difference! From the ADA website we can
see that many of the requirements are things like under-the-hood text descriptions of visual elements (photo, video) and audio files, to be read by a screen reader to a visually or hearing
impaired user. These would never be seen by just looking at a website.


These days, e-commerce and bigger than ever, and it continues to grow as more and more businesses move their services online. For many customers with visual disabilities, who were
able to shop at a business in a physical store location, shopping online is extremely difficult. Businesses lose all of these customers who have a hard time shopping online, and all of the
profit that comes with them. So it is beneficial to the business as well to bring their website up to ADA standards!

Beyond these obvious benefits, ADA compliance is simply a must-do for any website. To increase site traffic, to spread the message as far and wide as possible, and to generate the
most success for a website’s brand it is essential to reach every person that can be reached. The way to do that is not by inherently blocking access to a significant group of people.

So, there you have it: ADA compliance must be implemented in every website as soon as possible. It is the only way for the internet to reach its full potential and truly serve society as it
was meant to.