Good Jobs with Great Pay

Good Jobs with Great Pay

There are a lot of jobs out there that afford ordinary people really nice lifestyles. These are jobs that allow you to have your name on the door and possibly a secretary. From these kinds of positions, you will be considered for management and leadership within a company. To get these jobs though know that specialized skills and education are required.

Media Agency

Most people think of the advertising industry only as it exists in the creative ads we see and hear everywhere around us.  Yet there is another equally important side of advertising which is Media.  Media is where the money is made in advertising.

Creative ads get created by artists and writers and must then be placed into media for exposure.   The media function determines the kind and level of exposure on TV and radio commercials, newspaper or magazine print ads, outdoor or the Internet.   Media people develop plans for spending client advertising dollars.   Whether a planner or buyer,  a job in a media agency can be a six-figure job.  You need to be very comfortable with mathematics and preferably have an MBA.

Surgical Nurse

Nursing is a tough profession.   Nurses work long hours and the job is very intense.  Most nurses are Registered Nurses (RN) Even RNs can make very good salaries because of the lack of nurses nationally.  Johnson & Johnson even ran an advertising campaign to recruit nurses.     If you’ve got the urge to serve in a profession that will demand your best, nursing might be for you.

Surgical nurses are highly skilled technicians who go into the operating room with doctors.  They play an important role before, during, and after surgery.  Surgical nurses answer patient questions, take physical vitals.  During surgery, surgical nurses assist the doctor such as handling surgical implements.   Surgical Nurses receive excellent compensation, especially if work well with a particular surgeon who may request a skilled nurse.

To become a surgical nurse you have to go to nursing school and graduate from an accredited school of nursing.   You must pass state licensing board certification requirements and keep current with continuing education courses.    Surgical nurses average over $53,000 annually.

Event Planner

Event Planning is a career that promises exciting times, good food, and high stress as the planner attends to all the big and small details required to pull off a fabulous wedding for 40 or corporate annual convention in Hawaii for 4,000.  Event Planners work with hotels, airlines to arrange travel and facilities rental locally or globally.  Event Planners have a flair for detail and can come from many different backgrounds and educational degrees.   Event Planners can earn up to $63,000.