Subscription Marketing

Subscriptions business model is a practice where the customer has  to pay a recurring price at regular intervals for access to a product or service.  First popularized by publishers of books and magazines, now is it used by many businesses and websites.  MARKETING IN A BOX is the first subscription marketing campaign service.

The subscription model aligns customer and vendor toward common goals, as both stand to benefit if the subscriber  receives value from the subscription. The subscriber who receives value is likely to renew the subscription at an increased rate. Conversely, the customer that does not find value will return to the marketplace.

Subscription pricing makes it easier to pay for expensive items.  Payments prorated over a period of time instead of being payable immediately and so makes the item seem more affordable and as a line item in a budget, becomes affordable when it might not be otherwise.

Subscribers find subscriptions convenient if they buy a product on a regular basis and that they might save money.  For repeated delivery of the product or service, the customer also saves time from not having to make a trip to a brick and mortar store for example, or even have to navigate to an online store to repurchase.

Many businesses in the technology space have adopted subscription models.  They moved from a perpetual license agreement with customers to a subscription model know as “software as a service”.  Saving accrue from not having to have such a large sales support organization whereas with the subscription model, customer service becomes important to keep existing customers happy.  The subscription model ensures a business has steady income from a stable group of customers.

Subscriptions can be a disadvantage to a buyer if they do not use the item subscribed to or uses it infrequently like the gym membership.

For smaller businesses, Subscription Marketing affords them the opportunity to fund a marketing campaign overtime and thus pre-plan for marketing.  MARKETING IN A BOX is the first subscription marketing campaign. It is an all-inclusive campaign with creative and paid media plan executed when and how the buyer desires.

Subscription Marketing Campaigns puts marketing much more in reach of small businesses. MARKETING IN A BOX’s all-inclusive nature makes doing marketing a possibility for many more businesses.