Product Invention Ideas

Product Invention Ideas

New products are being invented every day and every day someone else gets a patent or starts their journey to financial freedom. While it sometimes seems as if there’s nothing left to invent, everyday someone’s gets that spark of inspiration or the germ of an idea.  Here are a few to get your creative innovation juices flowing.

Perspiration Stain Removal

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. It is estimated that approximately 1% of adults suffer from hyperhidrosis.    Sweating is normal but for those who sweat excessively, there is an embarrassing social stigma to be seen with sweat stains on shirt or blouse.

To add insult to injury, dried sweat stains are particularly difficult to remove in the laundry.  Millions of dollars of expensive otherwise usable clothes get tossed in the trash because of dried in perspiration which can yellow some fabrics like cotton, or leave a tell-tell white perspiration ring in others like silk.

What advances have been made for the problem tend to be around protective sweat pads for the clothing.  No one even large companies like P&G or Unilever have tackled the sweat stain problem.
What’s needed is a pre-laundry ideally sprayed on a product, that’s applied to a garment with sweat stains either damp or recently dried that will break down and dissolve the sodium deposits in perspiration before they have time to bond permanently to and damage fabric.

Diet Pal

The diet industry is a $40 billion business annually of low-cal foods, pills, and weight management groups.  One out of every three women and one of out every four men are on a diet right now. Dieters report good success from the support of others but often, the time commitment to attend meetings and embarrassment of a public confession of a problem with weight can deter a lot of should-be dieters.

More importantly, support is rarely around when a dieter needs it most – those off times when having a Diet Pal could mean the difference between diet success and diet failure.

A great opportunity exists to invent Diet Pal, a personalized electronic coach who contacts a dieter several times daily via text or voice to give them strict guidelines to follow for that day’s meal planning options, exercise suggestions, as well as encouraging motivational messages.  Part health counselor, cheerleader, and watchdog, the Diet Pal knows your weaknesses and offers guidance to help you overcome them.

People would join Diet Pal online and input how often they’d like to be contacted and when.  For instance, if a dieter’s problem seemed to be related to late night eating, Diet Pal could be programmed to call that individual, hourly even, and encourage them not to eat, or give them permission to eat a little something,  or to delay consumption for a few more minutes.

If exercise was the problem, the Diet Pal could suggest ways to sneak exercise into the person’s day or remind them to hit the gym.  A call at night might say “Sleep in your exercise clothes tonight so you’ll be dressed at 5 pm to hit the gym early.”

Bringing this new service to fruition would require an online website and a call management system that will roto-dial clients with appropriate, randomized, pre-recorded messages.

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