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Reasons for Business Letters

Reasons for Business Letters

The art of letter writing is slowly being displaced by electronic correspondence, however, there are times when a written business letter is necessary. With traditional postal changes a reality and the possible dilution of the postal system as we currently know it does not diminish the importance of business correspondence.  There are a number of instances where a formal business letter must be used.

The Business Letter

The formality of a business letter will vary depending on its author and its purpose, however, every business letter must include a written date on the letter, complete name, and address of the recipient, and a signature or facsimile thereof with business name and title if appropriate.  Use of logoed or monogrammed stationery is helpful.  Other correspondence might necessitate the inclusion of such information as the method of delivery such as Via US Mail or even Via Email.

Job Applications

Job applicants need to include a business letter with the submission of a resume for a job opening especially if the letter is speculative.   A resume submitted electronically would need the formally of a business correspondence in the form of a cover letter.  The substance of a business letter could be captured.

Legal Correspondence

Lawyers routinely draft business letters both to their clients and other attorneys.   Lawyers also draft a lot of other documents such as briefs and _________.   These letters may be both faxed or snail mailed or sent by expedited mail.

Partnership Proposal

A partnership formation should be committed to paper perhaps as a prelude to a formal legal agreement.  A preliminary outline of the loose terms of partnership would be summarized in the letter.

Notice of Legal Action

The owner or manager of a house or apartment would want to draft a business letter to a renter or owner as a prelude to possible eviction.  This letter should probably be mailed and delivered for signature.