Street Marketing Ideas

Street Marketing Ideas

Street marketing is sometimes called guerilla marketing and marketers turn to street marketing to differentiate a product in the marketplace or create awareness of a product among a distinct consumer audience.  There are a number of tactics & street marketing ideas but central to their implementation is the need for teams of field staff to implement street promotions.

Introduce a New Product

Street marketing is very useful to develop street currency for products with cutting-edge benefits or that might appeal to urbanites. Sneaker companies have painted urban streets with footprints and their logo to create awareness. Samples of a new product can be distributed on the street.  These types of events, when done on a large scale, can be quite effective as a publicity tactic garnering coverage by news media.

New Image for Mature Product

Mature products have used street marketing to help refresh their image.  Miller Brewing used semi trucks customized to transform into a mobile stage.  The trucks rolled into towns across the nation then toured parks and local communities with concerts by famous bands and artists.  Miller was viewed as an old man’s brew before putting on a new hit face via its street presence.

Outreach to New Consumer Segment

When a new product or service is desirous of cultivating new customers, a street marketing program may be used to go directly to a consumer in venues where they are likely to congregate.  The Greek yogurt, Chobani, gave away full-size samples of its product at weight loss centers and local workout locations to gain awareness in the U.S.

Pharmaceutical companies set up health checkup stations at neighborhood parades and local community centers.  These companies give quick high blood pressure tests and hand out disease state information brochures that happen to also mention their high blood pressure meds.

New Store Opening

A store’s grand opening is a great time to do street marketing.  Outdoor banners, flags, balloons can all be employed to bring attention to the new store.  Store personnel can hand out coupons or samples to passersby, encouraging them to enter the store and thereby establishing its initial customer base.

Red Carpet Event

A red carpet event is a fabulous street marketing idea. The opening of a new restaurant or nightclub or a movie premiere is red carpet events worthy of velvet ropes and searchlights flashing across the night sky.   Images and messages can be reflected on the sides of buildings.