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How to Find a Job with an AA in Business

How to Find a Job with an AA in Business

If you’re looking to find a job with an African American firm, you’ll find that it’s easy to locate an African American business almost anywhere across the country.  Success in landing a job there will depend on your skills and their need for employees with your skill set. It is in fact, really easy to find a job with an AA in business.

Working at a Black Firm

Many people find it comforting to work at a firm where they can relate to co-workers who hail from the same ethnic background as themselves.  Fears real or imagined of discrimination and biases based on race are immediately eliminated as a source of performance evaluation. Socially, working at a business where you share similar cultural heritage can foster lifelong friendships and working relationships that are based on genuineness that might not be found in other companies.

According to the National Black Chamber of Commerce, there are 1 million African American owned businesses in the United States, which account for over $100 billion in annual sales. Traditionally, the most common form of African American-owned business has been in the service sector, (e.g., barber or beauty shops, transportation, etc.) however professional service businesses such as business services, legal services, insurance and real estate are growing.

Finding a Job at a Black Firm

Know that Black firms like any other company are looking for high-quality talent who are responsible workers who contribute to the company’s output and profits.  An African American firm may have higher expectations of its employees in terms of their ability to lead and be team players and help the business grow.

To succeed at a Black firm, look for opportunities to contribute to the company in ways outside of your job description.  Black businesses tend to be small businesses, however, recognize that small businesses are the backbone of this country’s economic engine.

As a small business, your employer will expect you to work harder and longer but the rewards of helping to make a Black business grow are great.  You’ll be rewarded with promotions and pay raises.  Earn the accolades by making attendance the hallmark of your employment.  Demonstrate your work ethic by coming in early, staying late and giving 100% when there.

To find a Black firm, you’ll need to locate companies that may have a need for your specific skills and submit your resume.  There are a number of organizations that serve Black business and these associations will be useful in helping you identify African American owned firms in your local area.  Check the internet for websites of the African American Business Network, the Black Business Association, National Black Business Council, and the Minority Business Development Agency.