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Get a Good Job with AA Degree in Business

Get a Good Job with AA Degree in Business

Your Associates of Arts degree is a valuable indication of your willingness to prepare yourself to attain a position of responsibility in business.

When job hunting, it is that exact sentiment that will help your AA degree in Business get you in the door and on the road to bigger and better things within a company.  Knowing how to parlay your degree is the key to helping it get you a job.

AA Degree in Business on a Resume

When developing a resume, do more than merely list your AA degree, the name of your institution, and date.  Do give those details but also in a statement of 10-15 words, summarize your Associates’ degree focus and what you personally gained from the program.  Don’t brag here but give your Associates Degree a bit more power in the eyes of a potential HR person or hiring manager.

Add some copy such as the following:

A two-year program of study with Business Management focuses especially Finance, Accounting, and Systems.  Dean’s List.

AA Degree During an Interview

You can really help strengthen your job desirability in an interview situation by heightening the importance of your AA program and credibility.

You’ll want to focus on the AA program itself and not necessarily the two-year school or community college where the degree was earned.  Some people can look down on a two-year degree so you must establish the value of the degree for them.

Without sounding defensive because why should you after all?  Don’t defend something that should be commended,  Communicate the value of your AA degree in terms of the areas of the business to which you gained valuable exposure, using examples from projects and work internships if appropriate to give particular highlight into training.

Using your AA degree in Business to Grow

One hired, used your AA degree as a stepping stone to grow within in the company in salary and position.  Look for company benefits that might be offered such as tuition reimbursement and consider getting a four-year degree using your AA degree as the foundation for subjects required under a four-year curriculum.

Even if you don’t want to get any more schooling, bring your AA degree up when being evaluated for positions of higher responsibility and during pay raise discussions.  Your having attained an AA degree is indeed a badge of academic honor that will get you into business and help you move through the ranks.