Visually Impaired Business Ideas

Visually Impaired Business Ideas

The lack of sight should not prevent anyone from pursuing a business idea of interest to them.  Accommodations may need to be made to fulfill the requirements of a business where sight is a prerequisite, but the blind person can still be the owner-manager of the business.  There are a number of visually impaired business ideas that are ideal for the visually impaired, some because of the enhanced acuity of hearing, taste, and touch found in the visually impaired.

Top 5 Visually Impaired Business Ideas

Taste Testing

Professional tasting is important for the food and beverage industries who seek out people with sophisticated taste buds that can discriminate among the flavor nuances in products as they refine flavor components prior to being introduced into the market.

Being visually impaired will certainly help with credibility but to operate as a taste test business, there must be an established protocol of scientific rigor used to evaluate and report on flavor findings.


Most sighted people when trying to evaluate a scent in a setting like a department store perfume counter will close their eyes to discriminate the delicate and understated hint of scent. Perfumers spend a great deal of time mixing oils, herbs, and alcohols to produce commercially saleable scent combinations.

The visually impaired would have an advantage as a perfumery business with their heightened olfactory senses.   Lack of sight becomes a point of difference for the business and builds credibility for an acute sense of smell.


Being visually impaired is a distinct advantage for a masseuse whose sense of touch is critical in laying on of hands for healing mind and body of clients.  Massage therapists use their skilled hands to find tighten muscles and work to release tension often while staring off into space.  A blind technician would have an advantage over the sighted masseuse as clients are often embarrassed by the partial nudity required during a massage.


Attaining a degree as in psychology would allow the visually impaired to open a business as a therapist for individuals or couples.  Often we make judgments about people by how they look rather than what they say.  A blind therapist wouldn’t make those same kinds of pre-judgments that might unconsciously make them biased against one partner in couple’s therapy or judge a client’s visual excesses as character flaws.

Customer Service Business

Customer Service for most companies is conducted via the telephone.  A pleasant voice and the ability to have empathy for a customer’s situation is paramount.    Customer details can be easily taken by hand or even a computer whose form fields are standardized.